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The Webby’s Are Here!

Posted by Nads on May 15, 2013

webby awards - Google Search 2013-05-15 01-26-01

It’s that time of year again.  The Webby Awards are out – my consistently all time favorite short list of all things cool, media and digital.  This is a collection of all the things I love about the internet; the best, interesting, innovative, thought provoking and entertaining selection of whats up on the net.  Even if your not a digi-phile like myself, there is loads of stuff to interest everyone.  Be prepared to ‘get lost’ for awhile, this list is like falling down the proverbial rabbit hole.  Seriously, this is the best resource for uber cool and interesting online destinations, I guarantee you will find a couple of new gems.  If you have a chance, check out the live broadcast of the awards May 22nd, always guaranteed to entertain.

Welcome to the Webby Awards 2013-05-15 00-42-41

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