White Bean Chicken Chili

Posted by Dani on April 29, 2014

White Bean Chicken Chili
Looking for a healthy and hearty meal? This was a great one we tried on the weekend. With prep time at under 10 minutes, this dish is perfect for busy weekends when you don’t want to spend all your time in the kitchen.

Lately, I’m loving quick and easy 1 pot meals. I make these in my trust Le Creuset dutch oven. And I get especially excited when they’re as healthy as this one. The chicken and beans give you fiber and protein, and the herbs and spices make it fragrant and tasty. The best part is the leftovers taste even better the next day.

White Bean Chicken Chili

This recipe comes from Giada DeLaurentiis. I left out the corn and didn’t bother with the parmesan, although it probably would have been a nice touch. The swiss chard was a surprisingly pleasant addition – a great way to sneak in some green veggies.

We still love our traditional beef and tomato chili, but this dish was a nice change. Why don’t you give it a try? And we’ve got a few more healthy eating recipes if you like. How about Nad’s Curry, Lentil, and Sweet Potato Soup. Or maybe a beautiful mixed green salad with goat cheese, pine nuts, and strawberries? And don’t forget a little something sweet to finish up, like my gluten-free quinoa nut apple crisp. Bon Appetit!

White Bean Chicken Chili




34 Responses to “White Bean Chicken Chili”

  1. Kim McD says:

    This looks yummy! I’m going to try making it with kale this week.

  2. looks like another amazing one to try! Pinning!

  3. That looks great! I bet my family would love it too – thanks!!

  4. Oh my that looks so good! Pinned to my busy board… 🙂 speaking of boards… I WANT THAT BOARD the bowl is on. Swoon, covet, need! Where oh where did you get that? xo

  5. Dani this looks awesome. I’ve never come across a good “white” chili but this looks delish and I love that it has greens in it too. Thanks for sharing! (PS wooden board and linens backdrop LOVE)

    • Dani says:

      Thanks Andrea! Because of some of our discussions lately, I am trying harder to style the pictures. I actually made the effort to pick up a white bowl from the dollar store, because the colour looked off in my regular bowls. I enjoy it though, and I’m looking forward to improving my shots. Thanks for dropping in!

  6. Heather says:

    Yummy!! Pinning!! We love chili and this recipe looks so hearty and filling!!

  7. Christine says:

    WOW! My husband will love this!!!!

  8. Tara says:

    Dani -this looks delicious. I love chili! Pinned!

  9. Randa says:

    I love all Chili! This sounds great 🙂

  10. Yum! I’ve made chili with chicken but haven’t tried white beans yet. I like Giada so I’d probably like this chili!

    • Dani says:

      I like Giada too, which was why we tried this recipe. It’s a good one, I’ll be making it again. Thanks for dropping in!

  11. Looks great, Daniela! Chicken & chili are two of my favourite things and you can bet I’ll be throwing in the parmesan as well. Thanks, it’s pinned!

  12. Tia says:

    Wish I had a Dutch oven! That chilli looks great -Jeff would love it!

    • Dani says:

      Actually I love my dutch oven, you should put on on your list! Although I bet this would work fine in any other pan as well.

  13. Yum yum. Soups really feed the soul. I can picture the nice feeling as eating it.

  14. This looks so hearty and tasty… I have been dying to catch up and see what the recipe was all about! We’re crazy busy in this household these days, and one-pot meals are salvation… them and leftovers! Our Le Creuset sadly just packed it in (our fault from learning things the hard way, sniff). I’m off to check out the recipe link!

  15. Looks yummy! I’m going to have to try this recipe!

  16. This looks delicious and with 10 minutes for prep, I’m definitely trying it!

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