Glory Hole: Again

Posted by Nads on November 30, 2012


Wistful is such a perfect word.  I am on a cleanse and as I lay in bed at 3:22 in the morning I am dreaming about Glory Hole donuts.  I don’t even really have a sweet tooth but I was going through some pics tonight and noticed these shots I took last time we brought home a hlf dozen (and then some).  My niece was staying over and I convinced her to do a little photography styling exercise with our donuts before we devoured them.  These were a couple of the resulting photos.


This post is not about what a charming awesome little find in the west end this place is, it is really just a plain old ode to the Glory Hole donuts.  Notice that blurry ring around the shot and the lighting that makes it look like a super starry piece of donut heaven somewhere in a broad-way-like environment?  I’m not sure if that’s the cleanse talking, but that’s really how I feel about it.  Dreammmmmmmy.  I also wanted to give a nod to my neighbour who still brings up the fact that he popped over during the photo shoot and I enthusiastically showed him the whole platter of donuts and then politely denied him when he asked to indulge.  He actually texted me later on in the evening to ask if there were any left counting on my generally very generous nature and I had to tell him they were all gone.  Three of us had finished 8 donuts.  I kid you not, he has brought this up at least twice a week for the last month.  It seems we’re all a little donut obsessed here in the east end.  Oh well.  Enjoy the pics and if you can get to Glory Hole, enjoy the donuts.  At least have one on my behalf, I’m thinking maybe I’ll ask for a box under the tree for XMas morning………..









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