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Wrapping Up for Christmas

Posted by Nads on December 23, 2012

This is one of my FAVORITE ideas for gifting this Christmas.  This is super, super easy and to tell you the truth extremely cheap.  Yup, looks gorgeous and is very, very cheap.  How often does that happen?  I had some inspiration for wrapping, which I am usually  very challenged with, last time I was at Uniqlo (one of our favorite stores) and they were handing out post cards on the very Asian tradition of wrapping with fabric.
I have a thing for scarves and headed off to my secret go to place for awesome scarf finds – Value Village.  There is always a great selection and since I am a consummate bargain “digger” it’s THE place to dig up some awesome pieces.  Check out these ones – they are gorgeous and unbelievably inexpensive.
Seriously, can you believe that price?  Then the question of what to wrap.  I headed to my stash drawer to see what was available.  I usually hit a few yearly warehouse sales in October/November to stock up on deals and finds to have on hand during the holidays.  Here are some specialty soaps I picked up for $.50 a piece.  No lie.
I took four of them and placed them in my chosen scarf.
And then wrapped them up.  So pretty and fast!
The little bundle looked amazing.
I decided to finish off with some tassels from the Dollar Store and voila – a beautiful little parcel of gift wrapped specialty soaps.   This is the perfect small package with a personal touch.  The cost is unbelievable too – $.99 for the scarf, $2.00  for the soaps and $.50 for the tassel.  Seriously, this cost $3.50 and took 5 minutes to assemble!!!!!!  That’s a great gift and looks awesome to boot.  Impressive.


2 Responses to “Wrapping Up for Christmas”

  1. How cute. I love the idea!
    It’s too bad we can’t find such amazing deals on scarves in Brazil!


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