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We’re blogging sisters. How often does that happen?

Dani & Nads

Here at lifeovereasy, you get two for the price of one.

Nads is a marketing whiz, Dani is an engineer, but the blog is where we have our fun.  We’re into photography and pottery, making anything and everything, cooking (Nads) and cooking-avoiding (Dani).  Creating our lives and our spaces is what inspires us.  We’re big on fun and friends and our crazy Italian family.  Even our dogs are brothers!

older days

old daysWant some fun facts?  Nads can create an amazingly delicious meal that meets ANY criteria.  So if you want a superfood-charged, gluten-free, sugar-free meal cooked exclusively from the sale flyer – she’s your man.  Dani thinks she can do things that she really can’t do, like upholster a couch.  We have both taken belly dancing. Yes,really.

We have travelled all over.  Well maybe not all over but at least as far as Tasmania.  Both of us have ridden camels.  So we’re two blogging, ex-belly-dancing, camel-riding sisters.

nads + nikkodani + the girlsWant to invite us over for your next backyard party?
Promise, we’ll bring treats.

Thanks for hanging out with us – nothing makes us happier! We’d love for you to follow one of our social feeds, or sign up to get our posts. That’s what really gets us doing the happy dance.


dani & nads



P.S. Read about our professional services here.

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