Teen Perfect Weekend Outings

My teenage nieces are coming to visit on Sunday and in my mind that means ‘come up with something good’.  Not because they’re demanding or hard to please – in fact they are great with the ‘show up and hang’ plan, but because I have a ridiculously high ‘aunt’ standard which dictates that I always […]

Yayyy For Me!

Today’s a great day. I did not win any raffle prizes at the baby shower I just went to. I did not get even a tiny fraction of my to-do list done. I totally blew my diet for the last 3 days in a row. But it doesn’t matter! You know why? Because I made […]

The Little Free Library

How can you not fall in love with something called “The Little Free Library”? And it truly is little. Tiny, in fact. Not to mention – free! I stumbled across it one day while driving through the Beach neighbourhood in the east end. I grabbed 2 old paperbacks from home, and took the girls by […]

Olivia’s Summer Reading List

My 17 year old brought home a little light summer reading the other day. I was a little speechless. I think the picture speaks for itself. When you’re swinging in a hammock or lounging on the dock this summer, is this what you’re going to be reading? Or how about

Father’s Day Outing, Niagara On The Lake

  One of our favorite things to do is to get in the car, pick a day trip destination and hit the road.  We do this quite often and really seem to relax when we have no where to be and can just enjoy a time-out; chatting, listening to good music, soaking up the scenery […]

Awesome Saturday Field Trip

There is a rumor that the summer weather is on it’s way back tomorrow and I have found the perfect Saturday festival in the city to celebrate.  There are always tons of events going on during the weekends, but this one has all my favorites.  Field Trip 2013, the arts and music festival brought to […]

Some of My Favourite Things

I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and have waited for many many years to fill it with the drool worthy appliances and gadgets I see on those competitive cooking shows.  I love my gadgets, but what I love even more is the scattering of memories and pieces of my life that fill […]

More Mother’s Day Picks

Here’s part 2 of my round up from last season.  I would still want each and every one of these cuties. from lifeovereasy, May 2012 With Mother’s Day on the horizon I thought I would publish Part 2 of my picks in time to give all of you some great ideas when you’ve got your […]

Mother’s Day Picks – Part 1

With Mother’s Day on my mind, I went back to our picks from last year to have a look.  Guess what?  These picks still rock so I thought I would share them again to help you start thinking about that perfect something.  Have a look… from lifeovereasy, May 3, 2012. With Mother’s Day around the […]

Hot Docs Rocks

It’s the 20th anniversary of Toronto’s awesome documentary festival, Hot Docs.  In a multitude of locations around the city, the festival is jammed with amazing material covering a range of topics.  The festival runs until May 5th and is a great outing for the whole family.  Check out more details here and get yourself out […]

Toilet Paper Wisdom

This is what I found in my bathroom the other day – some toilet paper wisdom left for me by Olivia, my oldest. It’s a quote from Kathryn Stockett’s The Help, which I’m sure you’re all familiar with. I remember all the love letters I got from my girls when they were tiny. Little handwritten […]

Spring Sugarshack Fun

Well the sun has been out for a few days in a row and I’ve actually seen a couple of flip flops walking about.  This weather makes me want to get out and experience nature a little, so what would be better than checking out the last week of the spring maple run.  This is […]

Wowed At The Home Show

There was a couple of stand out items at the show this year that I really thought deserved their own post.  They really struck me because they all worked on a number of different levels; really ‘smart’ concepts that integrated great design with creativity and function.  Functional design is becoming huge and these are three […]

Happy Sky’s Birthday Day

Or St. Patrick’s Day, as it is also known. This is always a big day in our house, because Sky is our favourite person around here. And he loves to get into the St. Patty’s spirit. He’d probably be quite happy if we took him down to the Irish Embassy for a pint of Guinness. […]

15 Awesome Things To Do With Your Kids This Week

Here’s a great post I grabbed from our 2012 archives to share with all you parents home these next weeks.  I thought it was a great list of ideas for inspiration while looking for something to do with the kids.  Get out, check out the city and Happy March Break! Published March 2012 on lifeovereasy: […]

Welcome Target to Toronto

Yes, I made the drive to Milton on Tuesday for the soft opening of a Target store.  Granted when I got on the highway I didn’t know where Milton was, but my traffic app showed it wasn’t that far and I figured if I went outside of rush hour I may scoot there and back […]

The Best Christmas Present

I’m going to my weekly pottery class tomorrow. I’ve been taking pottery for many years now, sometimes a little more seriously and sometimes a little more casually. This time it feels different, though. Kind of heartbreakingly different. Heartbreaking in a really good way. Like when something unexpected and beautiful happens that makes your heart crack […]

What Did You Do Family Day?

  Here’s a great project for the whole family.  Haha, just joking.  This is quite the impressive undertaking, certainly not your usual DIY.  Check out this awesome homemade igloo from Daniel Gray in Edmonton courtesy of  150 hours of meticulous labor.  My husband has told me on numerous occasions that he’s always wanted to […]

A Little Valentine Decorating

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! Did you do a little decorating? Around here, we keep it pretty simple. Basically I just walk around the house and toss dollar store stuff here and there. It’s pretty quick and easy, and a little random. But I do think it makes things festive. This is pretty […]

My Love Affair With Les Mis

One of the greatest thrills I have as a mother is that my girls share my passionate love for Les Miserables. I suppose it was inevitable with all the brainwashing I have done over the years. I had them singing along to Castle on a Cloud when they were 4 years old. I put the […]

More Moments From Our Stay-cay

  More snaps from our family stay-cay up north.  Check them out!

Moments from Our Holiday Downtime

So here we are finally on a couple of days of much anticipated downtime.  It’s been a couple of weeks of pure mayhem leading up to this, and now we have been passing the time eating and lounging way too much.  We woke up today to a couple of feet of pure white goodness.  It’s […]


Our hearts go out to the families in Newtown, Connecticut affected by the events of this horrible day. So much sadness. No little heart should see such things.

Santa Says: Time To Get Your Advent Calendars Out

We’re a Playmobil advent calendar family. Back when the girls were young, there weren’t as many pretty and creative advent calendar options out there. Or at least I couldn’t find any. The internet was still a baby and my Christmas DIY skills involved mainly spray painting walnuts gold and hanging them around the house. So […]

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