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Posted by Dani on December 22, 2016

Reverse painted glass table via
One of my favourite things this time of year is the colour forecasts that come out. I’m surprised at how often I don’t particularly like a featured “colour of the year,” and then somehow it inevitably starts growing on me. It’s like those forecasters seem to know what I want before I do!

Recently, Home Hardware unveiled their Beauti-Tone colour of the year – You Look Mauve-lous. I think I decided I liked it as soon as I heard the name! It’s a gorgeous shade of mauve that’s been infused with grey tones. And as I learned some time ago – any colour with grey tones is surprisingly easy to integrate into your home. This mauve is no exception.

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My home is an eclectic mix of whatever I have fallen in love with over the years. It’s a mish mash of thrift store finds, souvenirs I dragged back from holidays, and the odd higher-quality piece. Somehow it all seems to work. Although the mauve can be a great colour for interiors, it wouldn’t have been on my list for this house. You Look Mauve-lous however is one of those colours that seems easy to fit in.

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Don’t forget that paint doesn’t have to be just for walls! I’ve given furniture some great makeovers over the years and I knew that this paint was just what I needed to freshen up an old chrome table that I’ve had sitting around for years. The chrome and glass combo was a little cold for my space and it was crying out for a touch of colour. A Mauve-lous touch of colour 😉

I love the shiny look of reverse painted glass, so I decided to apply a coat of paint to the bottom of the table where it would be safe from any wear and tear. For this reason, the glass didn’t need any special prep other than cleaning it. When you’re considering reverse painting glass, make sure you take into account the colour of the glass itself, if any, because it will change the final colour of your project. Apply your paint to a little portion first as a test, and look at it through the glass to make sure you like the shade.

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The chrome base for my table was in pretty rough shape. The chrome was pitted and rusted, like your typical curb-side or thrift-store find, and it looked unsalvageable. Luckily years ago I discovered Blue Magic Liquid Metal Polish, which literally works like magic to restore the chrome to a shiny finish in no time. You can see how I used it on this adorable vintage lamp that I found sitting on a curb in the rain.

Here’s what the chrome looked like before:

Restoring chrome with Blue Magic metal polish via

After using some Blue Magic, you can see that the table looks like new!

restoring chrome with Blue Magic metal polish via

I chose the high-quality Designer Series paint for the tabletop. Painting the table top took only a few minutes with a sponge roller. I was really impressed with the paint. It flowed well so the texture of the roller didn’t show. And the coverage of a single coat was incredible! It was super easy to see any thin areas through the glass, and there were barely any after the first coat. For the second coat, I applied it in the opposite direction just to make sure the paint went on evenly.

reverse painted glass table via

The colour was gorgeous! It’s versatile and easy to integrate, and blends beautifully into my room. The best thing is that this project was so easy. It took less than an hour to completely change the look of that old table!

reverse painted glass table via

I can think of a few other places where a shot of You Look Mauve-lous would instantly update the space. I’m thinking of using it to paint the inside of an old wood dining cabinet that I’m planning to strip. I think I’ll leave the outside raw, but this colour on the inside would look “marvelous” 😉

reverse painted glass table via

Beauti-tone is the #1 Canadian-owned and Canadian-made retail paint brand exclusively sold at Home Hardware, Home Building Centre and Home Hardware Building Centre stores across Canada. You can find more info on the Home Hardware website.


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