SodaStream Power – My New Bestie

Posted by Dani on April 15, 2017

Make a Virgin Cosmo with the SodaStream Power! Recipe via
Nads and I have been SodaStream fans for years now. We each have a unit and you can’t imagine the GALLONS of fizzy drinks we go through regularly. You can read about one of Nad’s backyard get-togethers where the SodaStream was the star of the party. And, believe me – I’m a hard sell when it comes to giving up precious counter space. But we consider the SodaStream a necessity now. It’s the kind of thing you don’t know you need until you give it a try, and then you wonder how you lived without it.

Make a Virgin Cosmo with the SodaStream Power! Recipe via

You can imagine how thrilled I was when I received a brand new SodaStream Power just before Christmas. This sleek machine operates at the touch of a button to give you sparkling water in seconds, at the level of carbonation you want. The design is sexy with bright LED indicators that let you know you’re your water is ready, an easy twist-in bottle lock, and a curved rear panel that conceals the carbonator. And no wonder, since it’s designed by Swiss designer and sustainability advocate Yves Béhar. It was love at first sight! My old unit moved up to the cottage, so we can stop lugging large bottles of club soda from the store and ease up on the recycling bin and our wallet.

SodaStream Power review and Virgin Cosmo Recipe via

The SodaStream Power is effortless to use – trust me. You can get this puppy unpacked and ready to use in minutes. Just remember – unlike older models, this unit requires power, so make sure you have an outlet handy. After that, your only big decision is to drink your fresh sparkling water straight up, or to go for something flavoured.

Make a Virgin Cosmo with the SodaStream Power! Recipe via

For me, the SodaStream is really my clean eating partner. Whenever I have a craving for something sweet, I just fizz up some water and add a splash of cranberry juice. This gets me past those moments when I might otherwise reach for something unhealthy. Working from home, sometimes I need a break and too often I head for the kitchen. A quick sparkling drink feels like a big upgrade over a glass of plain water, and just as healthy if you watch your add-ins.

Make a Virgin Cosmo with the SodaStream Power! Recipe via

There are a lot of healthy options to jazz up your sparkling water other than cranberry – a splash of citrus, some herbs like mint or basil, or even muddled fresh berries. SodaStream sells syrups that you can use to make soda fountain classics or gourmet drink blends in flavours like Lime Basil. Personally, I like to keep a little tonic mix on hand during the summer so I’m ready for any gin and tonic emergency 😉 And they also have a line of healthier flavoured waters called “Zeros,” sweetened with stevia leaf.

Make a Virgin Cosmo with the SodaStream Power! Recipe via

I find the most fun is when you use your SodaStream to make mixed drinks. And in the spirit of my clean eating resolutions, I thought I’d like to make a virgin version of one of my favourites – the Cosmo. Why drink a mocktail? They’re lower in calories and higher in nutrients if you choose your ingredients carefully. Everyone can enjoy them. And you can start drinking before noon!

Make a Virgin Cosmo with the SodaStream Power! Recipe via

Try this recipe next time you want something refreshing. And don’t be afraid to have a second, or a third! In fact this recipe makes 4 drinks, and you can have them all!


Virgin Sparkling Cosmo
serves 4

1 cup cranberry juice
1 cup sparkling water
Juice 2 tangerines
Squeeze of lime
Slices of tangerine or strips of zest for garnish

1. Chill 4 martini glasses in the freezer.
2. Combine cranberry juice, tangerine juice, and lime in a cocktail shaker half filled with ice and shake vigorously.
3. Divide into glasses and top off with sparkling water. Garnish with slice of tangerine or zest.

Make a Virgin Cosmo with the SodaStream Power! Recipe via


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