5 Drinks That Help Flush Away Fat

Posted by Dani on January 19, 2015

These 5 drinks will help your body flush the fat! via http://lifeovereasy.com/
Hello. Remember me?

Today I’m going to tell you about my favourite drinks that I use to get healthier. These are the drinks I always turn to when I need to feel better after eating too much chocolate.

These 5 drinks will help your body flush the fat! via http://lifeovereasy.com/

But first, I must apologize for my long absence. I’ve been gone for weeks now.

I have no excuse. At all. It kind of just happened. First Christmas got in the way, then chilling out after Christmas got in the way, then life just got in the way.

So I dropped the blogging ball. And I must say, it felt good to NOT do what I was supposed to be doing for a change. I think I really needed that.

Thank you for forgiving me. And please use this as justification to fall off one of your own bandwagons if you like. It’s OK, life will go on. We all need it once in a while.

These 5 drinks will help your body flush the fat! via http://lifeovereasy.com/

Back to the fat flushing.

Since I missed writing an optimistic New Year’s resolution post for you this year, I thought I would share one of my easy, get-healthier tricks. December was one giant binge for me, so I have been getting back on track with some of my healthier habits again. I find sometimes small changes are easier to fit into a busy life, and help get the ball rolling in a much better direction. These 5 drinks are a great example of something simple you can do for yourself that will help you get healthier and feel better.

So here are my top 5 choices for healthy drinks. I’ve used them all, but the first 3 are permanent habits for me now. I always start my day with a glass of lemon water when I can. And I grab a green tea to go every day when I get in the car. And sometimes when I need something refreshing, I will throw some lemon in my bottle of water along with a drop or 2 of lemon essential oil. This always refreshes me.

The point of these drinks for me is that they make me feel good. There are a lot of foods I eat that don’t leave me feeling good right after I eat them. Drinking one of these immediately makes me feel better.

These 5 drinks will help your body flush the fat! via http://lifeovereasy.com/



Lemon Water
A cup of hot lemon water first thing in the morning is a gentle detox that helps boost your fat metabolism and pumps up your immune system. Add the juice from ½ or 1 lemon to a glass of hot water and you’re good to go. Lukewarm or room temperature works too, just avoid cold water which can shock the system. Add a pinch of cayenne or a slice of ginger to boost the effect!

Lemon And Grapefruit Essential Oil
Grapefruit is one of the best essential oils for weight loss because it helps release fatty acids into the bloodstream where they an be broken down and used as energy. Lemon oil is great for digestion. Both of these boost metabolism and help release toxins. I throw 1 or 2 drops of each to my water bottle for a fresh-tasting drink.

Green Tea
Green tea is considered one of the healthiest things to drink, containing powerful antioxidants and improving cholesterol, blood pressure, and even brain health. Brew it at a temperature a little lower than boiling, and add a splash of lemon for even greater benefits.

Ayurvedic Tea
Ayurveda addresses excess weight by increasing digestive fire. This fat-fighting tea will help you avoid the toxic buildup that causes fat to deposit in those areas we all know too well! Add about ½ tsp each of coriander seeds, cumin seeds, and fennel seeds to about 5 cups of boiling water. Steep briefly and strain out the seeds. Keep the tea hot in a thermal mug and sip on it throughout the day.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar has a many health benefits, including improving blood sugar levels and digestion. When you combine it with water and honey, it becomes a great fat burner. Add ½ teaspoon each to a glass of water, and sip before a meal. It’s actually pleasant tasting, and I especially like it warm.


UPDATE: A few readers have written in about warnings not to ingest essential oils, or the science behind some of these suggestions. This is a list of what I have found works for me, and is in no way meant to replace medical or scientific opinion or your own common sense. Please do your research and decide what works best for you!

These 5 drinks will help your body flush the fat! via http://lifeovereasy.com/

81 Responses to “5 Drinks That Help Flush Away Fat”

  1. Pragati says:

    Your blog was really helpful. Thanks for sharing your tips

  2. Catherine says:

    I have tried both Apple Cider vinegar and Lemons and they both are very good and I have seen the different so much in my belly..

    I like to do apple cider vinegar, lemon and cayenne pepper all together first thing in the morning, LOVE IT

    • Dani says:

      Thanks for you comment. I’ve been “off the wagon” lately, and do really miss my morning drink. After the holidays, it’s just what I need! I’ll be adding a little cayenne to my drink, too. Thanks for visiting!

    • Daneita says:

      How much lemon and honey and Apple cider vinegar do you add to how much water?

    • Dani says:

      Thanks for the tip – I’ll be trying cayenne in my next morning drink!

    • Janet says:

      How much of each do you use?

      • Dani says:

        As I mentioned in the post, I start my day with a lemon water, and I usually have 1 green tea. Most days I have a bottle of water with the lemon or grapefruit essential oil. So this is 3 drinks daily. For the other 2 drinks, I go through phases where I have them and then I don’t. Those are a little more ad-hoc for me. That’s just my experience – you might find something different works better for you.

        • Laura says:

          Would using fresh squeezed grapefruit work as well instead of grapefruit essential oil?

          • Dani says:

            I’m sure they’re both good for you, but I don’t believe that juice would have the same benefits. Essential oil is very concentrated and most of what I have read focuses on the oil, not the juice. Good luck!

    • Kristy says:

      Hello i was wondering what is the best drink to help my problem is mostly alot of bloating in stomach any suggestions…thanks

    • Mark says:

      I’m loving a morning brew in hot water of Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Honey, Cinnamon, and Cayenne Pepper. I’ve gotten off coffee.

    • Marie says:

      ACV is great for appetite suppressant, assisting with heart burn, dealing with candida, and helping to get a restful nights sleep! Great stuff! Can’t wat to try the other ideas you have shared!

  3. Chad says:

    As for the Ayurvedic Tea, does this mixture come pre-packaged anywhere in stores or is it a home mixture?

    Also, when adding cayenne do I just add the ground cayenne to the boiling water or just stir it in just before drinking?

    • Dani says:

      This blend of Ayurvedic tea is one I make at home. Commercially, one brand I love is Yogi Tea – they sell a few blends using Ayurvedic ingredients, a little different from these ones but still great. For the cayenne, I just add a pinch to the glass before drinking. Good luck!

  4. Peggy Whitner says:

    At night i usually have a glass of white sweet wine, now i subsistute if for hot raw apple cider with an hint of honey or organic decaffeinated green tea with apple cider& raw unfiltered honey.

  5. Paige says:

    After reading your post, I did some research to make sure it was okay to ingest essential oils. Everything I found said it was extremely unsafe to ingest them because they don’t mix with water (being an oil, it just sits on top). Drinking the pure essential oils like that can cause blisters, hives, etc, and can sometimes even lead to gallbladder removal. Just a heads up. I don’t know if it’s safe or not, but I think i’ll stick to everything else on this list except the essential oil cocktail. Thanks! 🙂

    • Dani says:

      Thanks for your comment. You’re so right to be cautious! I also looked into it, and found information that supported both sides. So confusing! That’s the problem – it’s hard to get a clear answer. Ultimately I got an opinion from a herbalist I trust and so I decided that it was OK for me to try. In my experience, adding just a drop or two has been really pleasant, with no negative side effects. And I only do this once a day. This is just what has worked for me personally. It’s best to be careful, so I appreciate you sharing this cautionary note. It’s really important that everyone makes their own informed decision. Thanks so much for the visit and info!

      • Lisa says:

        I put a drop of lemon essential oil in my morning glass of ice water, have been doing this for about a year, no I’ll effects, but it tastes great and I crave it now. I use glass bottles for on the road, and it works well there, too. I wouldn’t use it with plastic, don’t want any of the plastic to leach onto my water.

    • Margaret Jones says:

      There are two companies that have safe-to-ingest essential oils: Do-Terra and Young Living.

      Thanks for your blog 🙂

    • tamara says:

      We take all kinds of oils on a regular basis that are good for us. Avocado oil, Coconut Oil, Olive oil… The fact that they ‘don’t mix with water’ is really irrelevant. I wouldn’t want to suggest taking essential oils on an empty stomach, as they are extremely concentrated, but the health benefits of so many (good quality) oils outweigh any preconceived dangers. I have survived serious health ailments with the addition of certain oils and I’m grateful.

  6. Kelly says:

    Do you add anything to the green tea?

  7. Judy says:

    My granny used to take three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar for bursitis.

  8. Andrew says:

    This is all pseudoscience. “This tea will avoid the toxic buildup that causes fat to build up”? I have studied Biology and Human Anatomy and Physiology for my degree. Fat is not created by “toxic buildup”, fat is created when you eat too much (have an excess of calories above your metabolic requirement) or your blood sugar is raised exceptionally high (like when you eat too much chocolate) which causes your body to expand the adipocytes (fat cells) by filling them with fatty acids. It does this because fat is the most efficient and energy dense form of storage for the body. Though some of these drinks mainly green tea CAN help with weight loss, it will only be effective as part of a regular healthy lifestyle including a low sugar (carbohydrates in general even) diet and regular exercise.

    Remember folks- the author is correct when she says that these drinks don’t make her body feel bad. That’s it. The claims that you drinking these will flush fat need some serious science behind it before you believe that you can keep indulging in desserts and chocolate but still lose weight because you have a lemon water in the morning. It’s just not going to happen.

    • Dani says:

      Thanks for your comments and opinions. I am a Chemical Engineer by profession, and while I am not an expert in this area I have followed some of the research with great interest. Your explanation of how fat is created is certainly correct, but the way the body metabolizes food is complex and the science continues to evolve. One thing I know as an Applied Scientist is that there are many gaps in are in our current understanding, and so I am cautious about talking in absolutes. I do think there are many benefits to these drinks, and I like to share my personal experience with my readers and leave it to them to make their own informed decisions. I don’t think anyone would suggest that any of these drinks would replace the need for healthy lifestyle choices or compensate for overindulging in unhealthy food.

  9. Cathi says:

    would like to receive newsletter on new things you post. thank you!

  10. Prettynhelle says:

    Hi! I want to ask, i dont like the taste of mixed apple cider vinegar with water. So what i do i drink 1 spoon of pure apple cider vinegar then drink warm water immediately. Is that will cause any problem to my health or its just fine. Thanks in advance. I hope i can hear an answer.

    • Dani says:

      Most resources I’ve read say it’s generally considered safe to take small amounts of apple cider vinegar. Especially if you drink water afterwards to protect your tooth enamel. Good luck!

  11. Kim says:

    I have read and heard a lot about the Aurvefuc tea, (not sure I spelled it correctly). (Reading the book: Prime). But I was wondering if there is another herb one could use besides Fennel. I am highly allergic to it!! There has to be replacement with the same benefits, just don’t know. Do you have any ideas??

    • Dani says:

      The fennel aids in digestion, so perhaps you could look up some other herbs that work in a similar way. Dill might be one you could try, and it might taste OK in tea. Good luck!

  12. Ashley says:

    Thank you! I use Young Living essential oils lemon and grapefruit. I would love to try some of the others you recommended! Thanks for sharing!

    • Joanne says:

      With grapefruit hindering my antihistamines, other than lemon do you have more suggestions that yield simuluar results? FYI, I am a distributor and avid user of Young Living !.

      • Dani says:

        I’m familiar with grapefruit and lemon, and so I stick to those. If you come across any other recommendations, please drop by and share! Thanks for visiting.

    • Susan Haas says:

      Other young Living oils with the same benefit that you can try are tangerine and orange

  13. Sharon says:

    Lemon water is also excellant for keeping kidney stones at bay. The citric acid eats the stone.

  14. Guenivier says:

    Does the lemon or vinegar harm your tooth enamal? Especially if you are drinking it daily.

    • Dani says:

      This is a good question. Any acidic liquid can erode tooth enamel. This applies to many foods found in a typical diet that have a similar pH, like orange, cranberry, and grapefruit juice, cola, red wine – even drinks like Gatorade. For me, lemon and vinegar are part of my normal diet since I use them to season veggies, so I wasn’t concerned about adding them to a drink. You can take some steps to protect your enamel, like drinking through a straw or rinsing afterwards with water. You might want to do a little more research and see what you’re comfortable with. Thanks for dropping by!

  15. Autumn Jensen says:

    I recently started drinking warm water with apple cider vinegar and lemon and for years I have had the hardest time loosing weight because of my fatty liver from my diabetes but I have lost 20 pounds in one month and instead of feeling tired and bloated I have energy and my tummy isn’t bloated your other drink ideas sound great!

  16. Jo says:

    Going to try these! Thanks!

  17. Gita says:

    Green Tea can be very dangerous because of its high caffeine content. It can raise Blood Pressure, can give anxiety, sleeplessness. You should limit yourself to not more than a couple of cups of Green Tea per day. Mostly a little over room temperature like kind of luke warm.

  18. Mary says:

    Shopping list will include apple cider vinegar and ginger. Thanks for these tips.

  19. Marilyn says:

    Can 100% Concentrat Lemon Juice be used?

  20. patrick says:

    Hi,this is my first time in this blog and all i can say is that you have great content.
    But my question is, why not take decaf instead of green tea since decaf has low caffeine content? Thank you.

    • Dani says:

      Thanks for your kind comment. I tend to be wary sometimes of the technologies used to decaffeinate tea and coffee, so I like to stick to the more natural form. I’m actually quite sensitive to caffeine, but I find green tea doesn’t bother me at all. Thanks for dropping by!

  21. Julia says:

    Lemon essential oil is great!! Just be sure to put in a glass water bottle as it can leach out the phytochemicals in all plastics.

  22. Nancy says:

    DoTerra Essential Oils are pure and ingestible

  23. Sharon says:

    The Apple Cider Vinegar works perfectly for me.
    Also the lemon juice in warm or room temperature water.
    Garlic,ginger,cinnamon ,and tumeric works perfectly as well.

  24. Trina says:

    Doterra essential oils are FDA approved and food grade! …,,so sip them in your tea and water all you like!!!

  25. Donna says:

    We are definately going to try some of these recipes.

  26. Donna says:

    Enjoyed reading your thoughts and ideas on the teas and also comments..I do use lemon green tea and the apple cider but to see them in the combos you have suggested sounds interesting and I will give it a try… Of course.. these teas are along side the work needed to improvement our health/weight … It feels so ‘good’ when drinking these teas, it can not but help lift our desires/stimulate the pursuit of feeling better on so many levels.. As I like to say ‘Part of the Puzzle’ Thanks again.

    • Dani says:

      Very thoughtful points! So true – anything we do is everything we do (one of my favourite sayings :)). Taking the time to do something beneficial for your body, even something as simple as drinking a healthy cup of tea, sets a positive tone that can help in so many other ways. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Nahid says:

    Add funnel seeds to green tea. It tastes good and it’s really beneficial for the stamach.

  28. Afia Khurram says:

    You’ve written all the things very “to the point” , but I’ve still a question in my mind. I used to take lemon water in the morning but half an hour after having two glass of water . I mean I drink two glass of water in early morning then after half an hour I takes lemon water . Is it work in the same way?

  29. Ruth says:

    Will the lemon water and apple cider vinegar help with bloating? I have a gastric disease that causes me to bloat any time I eat, and in result I feel AWFUL. Thanks!

    • Dani says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your health issues. I can’t really comment, as it seems you have some unique health concerns. Apple cider vinegar is supposed to help with digestion – perhaps you could try and see? Good luck!

  30. Chris says:

    Make sure the Apple Cider vinegar (ACV) is ‘with Mothers’ and if you can’t handle the taste you can get capsules from GNC or other retailers. Since vinegar and lemon are both rough on the enamel of your teeth it is good to drink through a straw. (hint from my dentist) The ACV also helps with skin issues. I started taking it for dietary reasons, menopause slowed my metabolism, new job made me very sedentary, depression from loss of my mom and then bam in 11 months I had put on 18 lbs. I started the ACV in my water three times a day in hopes for a miracle (I think we all hope for a miracle) and now at three months I have lost 14 lbs- without a lot of other changes in my lifestyle- but the “circle of hope (as my mom used to call it) is that this did boost my energy which made me not feel like I wanted to just lay down when I got home. So taking the dog for a stroll, fixing something at home instead of going through the drive through, getting to work a little earlier so I had time for a bite, etc… are are elements that led to feeling better and looking better. The additional drinks I have through the day I add lemon and I also use it on my salad instead of my old faithful ranch dressing. But the extraordinary effect is my skin issues are almost completely gone. I had very dry patches and sever allergies that caused rashes, very minimal now. Looking the other day at various uses for ACV – I found it was for skin issues too. Who knew?
    I just found this site, but was excited to see what you have said Dani! I will continue to follow.

    • Dani says:

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience with ACV – so great to hear about your “weight release”! Many people (including myself) face similar challenges with slowing metabolism and a sedentary lifestyle. You’ve inspired me to add a little more ACV to my daily routine! I’m also experimenting with turmeric tea these days, so we’ll see what that does. Thanks again for your comment and for dropping by, and good luck with your continued healthy changes 🙂

  31. paula schuck says:

    I love the ayurvedic tea. I am pinning this for later. I have been hunting for ingredients to make a similar tea for many months now (not too strenuously though) but I could not find them anywhere. Anyways I can use this for sure. Thanks!

    • Dani says:

      This is a nice tea to keep handy. I often brew a bunch and sip it cold throughout the day. Sometimes little things like this can really add up. Thanks for dropping by!

  32. Hollie says:

    My dad always made us drink the apple cider vinegar and honey drink when we were sick with a cold or sore throat. It’s very soothing for the throat. It takes pretty good.
    Thanks for sharing!

  33. Claudia says:

    What about oregano oil how much is that can you take in what is oregano oil good for I’ve been having digestive problems and they stem from what I call IBS and I’ve been drinking lots of Kombucha but I want to know about oregano oil kombucha is a godsend

  34. Cheryl says:

    Thanks for your tips I will try the one with the lemon in the morning with the hot or warm water and see what happens thank you for sharing

  35. Maroula says:

    I was wondering if you can do the lemon and grapefruit while breastfeeding?

    And is room temperature water ok? Or is warm better?

  36. pat says:

    You keep talking about tea with warm water, am I not supposed to steep tea in boiling water?

  37. Diane says:

    I was told to drink grapefruit juice, apple cider vinegar,honey, cayenne pepper. This is a cold drink before meals will it do the same thing?

  38. Gracie says:

    Love drinking green tea. It makes me feel great throughout the day.

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