Good Bye Summer

Posted by Dani on September 14, 2013

girls on a boat, sunset
Yesterday Summer was kind enough to come to visit one last time, and I spent a few hours in the afternoon lounging by the pool. I even dragged the hubby out with me, and he mixed us 2 gin and tonics. The G&T was my summer drink this year, since my new SodaStream made mixing one up a breeze. I had lots of other things I should have been doing instead, but I just couldn’t resist having one last slice of the season. I know as soon as September hits, it starts to feel like fall. But I’m never quite ready to let go, so I hold on to every last bit of summer as long as I can. Here in Canada, we really treasure the warm months.

The hubby and I had a dip in the pool, knowing that with the year’s cool temperatures it would be one of our last ones. And I read a book Olivia chose as one of my summer reads. Pretty chill.

It’s already much cooler today, and I know fall is just around the corner. So before I charge full steam ahead, I thought it might be nice to recap a little. Here’s a little slice of life from our summer.

We did a lot of pool lounging. (But not enough.)

It's Pool O'clock

Had some of these:

drink by the lake, cottage

And a few too many break-the-rules breakfasts.

4 mugs and coffee cake

We did a little of this:

water sports

And a little of that:

sailboats on a lake

And a lot of looking at this:

lake, sky

Olivia closed the book on high school, and her sister made a crazy fondant cake to celebrate.

colourful fondant cake

We took one Crazy Awesome Sister Road Trip to New York.

Times Square, New York

We worked on some decorating projects.

painting cabinet yellow

Isabel went a little overboard on the crazy nails.

nail polish decoration

And we roasted a few meals on a fire.


How about you? Are you in fall mode yet? What did you do this summer? Does it already feel like ancient history?




6 Responses to “Good Bye Summer”

  1. paula schuck says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! We did this this summer too. We did the DIY Tie Dye and mu kids loved it!

  2. Michele says:

    Fabulous photos of summer memories. And that pool is definitely very “Miami”! Gorgeous!!

    • Dani says:

      Thanks Michele! The pool was one of our favourite spots this summer, although some of the areas just outside of the picture don’t quite look so “Miami” 😉

  3. Hannah says:

    I love G&Ts. My mum introduced me to them when I first reach drinking age (which is 14, in the home and with an adult, in the UK). After that, they became my drink of choice! Amazing.

    Did you know that no gin is made the same? If you have the opportunity, buy Bombay Sapphire. My mother in law bought us some from the states but accidentally picked up the ‘Thai’ version. It’s gin with lemongrass, which is truly summery.

    I promise, I’m not commissioned to talk about gin…although I totally wish I was.

    Glad you enjoyed a truly British drink over the summer.

    All the best,


    • Dani says:

      Guess what my gin of choice is? Bombay Sapphire! Although I must confess it’s only because I like the bottle – but I often pick my drinks that way and it seems to work out! I am a newbie to G&Ts. Since you’ve been drinking them since you were 14, you can be my mentor 😉

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