Why You Want to Know About the Good Stuff

Posted by Nads on October 18, 2013

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I’m often pondering over what I will write about next.  I’m not a big writer and it doesn’t always come easy to me.  My sister is always telling me to write like I speak, witty and sarcastic I’d like to think, but that has been a hard time coming.  She really thinks I should write about my daily dog adventures and what is on his menu, she seems to think that would be insanely interesting and hilarious, but I’m not sure.  I think I will leave that on the back burner for a while.

What I am going to share instead is a little peek into a personal mission I have been working on for a while.  It’s my quest to be more positive.  Seems a little straightforward? You’d be surprised how many layers of crap stand between you and the general everyday feeling of happiness and positivity.

I flippantly summed it up to a friend the other day and later when I thought about it, was gob-smacked at how true words were.  She was remarking that she was too nice, and needed to get a little tougher.  I quickly quipped, ‘let me do it for you, it comes naturally to me’.  I was referring to my ability to be hard-ass, negative, even mean.  That comes to me easy, peasy.  Being positive, that’s a bit of a stretch.  Looking for rainbows?  Free hugs? Smelling the roses?  That tends to elicit a little eye-rolling attitude.  No joke, my natural state.

So, a couple of months ago I decided to go on a mission to be ‘more positive’.  Yup, you heard it here, officially, in writing, publicly declared.  So how do you do that?  That’s a whole different can of worms.  Where’s the happiness coach in your life?  Who is the gratitude guru?  Who can inspire you to change your habits, change your outlook, change your inner language, and ultimately change your attitude?

Is there value here?  Can you be happier?  Would you know it if you were?  Does it feel better to look for the rainbows, really appreciate the little things, have some gratitude? (I really don’t think it’s in me to journal)  Not in a hokey touchy feel-y way (geez I’m already judging the extent of my positivity, but the truth is that level might be too much for me, I may want to punch something), but in a real, open your eyes, celebrate the day, take stock and look for the glass half-full kind of way.

So I began to look around for inspiration, and have managed to have some rather interesting conceptual discussions with a few people, some a lot like me but more who are a lot unlike me in their general behaviour and attitude.  It has been an interesting road and I have begun to share it here.  Not sure where this is going, but I will tell you the power of a positive attitude seems to be a little catching and more than a little addictive.  I will keep you posted on my progress.

So I began this post with a question – why you want to know about the good stuff.  Well, here’s my rationale:  I’m working on it.  I am working on wanting to know the good stuff.  And that’s why I thought I’d share this with you.  Here’s a destination that only curates ‘the good stuff’.  Good news, good deeds, happy moments, everyday victories and anecdotes that are all about the good stuff.  No matter how big or small, it is good to know that more and more people out there want to see some good news.  So out with the bad and in with the good.  Start here www.upworthy.com

8 Responses to “Why You Want to Know About the Good Stuff”

  1. Hannah says:

    It’s really hard being positive at first. It really doesn’t come naturally to me. I think that might be the Britishness. What can I say? A nation of complainers!

    Last month, I started working on the idea that being grateful could be good. I tried it, I started writing it and initially I resented it. Then I found I started to believe it.

    I did tons of research and found out that active gratitude does all kinds of awesome stuff to your body. It impressed me so much that I felt I had to write a whole heap of stuff on it (which I will eventually).

    The best tip I found is that ‘thinking gratefully’ has more benefit than any other type of grateful or positive process and that gratefulness is a bigger predictor of life satisfaction than anything else including love.

    Ok, so this is a long comment and I got carried away, but I wanted to share because that’s my way of showing gratitude 🙂


    • Nads says:

      Thanks for the honesty!! It really doesn’t come naturally to be either, but I feel that sounds so bitchy. Gratefulness is so powerful, I keep reminding myself lately, ‘these are god problems to have’, repeating it like a little mantra. It’s changed my perspective on so many things and released a lot of stress. I’m interested in that concept – active gratitude – I will have to google that one, sounds very interesting. Thanks for the encouragement, it really means so much 🙂

  2. A very smart person told me once… fake it! Now I’m too selfish to do that other kind of faking that most women talk about, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. :p What I mean is, happiness and positive thought are a choice, you choose to see and feel it. If you “fake” it long enough and push that negative down, it becomes this natural thing and all of a sudden you have this new positive outlook and it’s genuine. Really? Yep, really! I find that negative is like a cancer, except it’s contagious, it will spread from person to person. That one positive shinning (hang-on here comes the cheese) person is the one we need to emulate! I think you are wonderful, and Nads is right, I love reading what you right, makes me feel happy! xo

    • Nads says:

      Wow Laurie, what a beautiful comment. You just made my day! I almost didn’t publish this cause I felt really dumb and cynical but after 2 glasses of wine I just went for it. It really has been an eye opening experience and I now catch myself so many times making a slightly different decision in how I speak or think. It’s true, the more you practice, the realler it becomes. Thanks so much for the encouragement!

  3. Lindsey says:

    I will certainly admit that Negativity is a monster….one that lives with me on a daily basis. I am outwardly positive, but inwardly much more negative than I should be. It is a sad thing to think that with all the wonderful things in my life that I have to work so hard to have a positive outlook. Thanks for sharing this site with us and for the others who have commented on this topic. As Hannah mentioned, I think gratitude is a big one. I definitely need to start a gratitude journal or express my gratitude in some way more often. P.S. this is why I love blogging – conecting with people who may be struggling with similar issues.

    • Nads says:

      Your honesty is inspiring. Thank you so much for taking the time to share a comment. I feel like it seems almost ridiculous to talk about trying to be positive, but now that it is something I am aware of, I see more and more ways everyday that I choose to be negative. Trying to change is just a first step, but I hear myself and am almost ‘training’ myself to re frame my attitudes about everyday stuff. Thanks for being a part of this!

  4. You’ve just nailed on the head exactly what I struggle with on the daily. It’s just so damn easy to be negative: life is filled with rude, selfish, ignorant people; unreasonable work and personal demands; stress; fatigue; cold weather… lots to complain about. It’s hard to be positive, and takes a lot of courage and force of will to look past the other crap. I try to think of it like mining for precious minerals: you have to chip away at the dirty, dusty rock before you strike gold. It takes perseverance, force of will and real commitment. Sounds cheesy, but also true.

    In reading the blog and having met you a few times now (and just having had coffee with Dani), I would safely say that your force of will is NOT lacking. I wish you well on your positive journey!

  5. Cheryl Grandy says:

    I read somewhere about a person who found a way to be grateful for having lots of dirty dishes to wash. They were grateful they had food to put on the dishes to make the dishes dirty, a family to eat together to make dirty dishes, nice dishes to get dirty. They could also be grateful for having water to use to wash the dishes and a kitchen with a sink.
    If I think about it long enough, I could be pretty happy about washing dishes!

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