Hanging With Oprah in Hamilton

Posted by Nads on April 18, 2013

It was my birthday last week (not telling which) and I got to cross off another item from my bucket list, seeing Oprah Winfrey live and in fine form.  I made the trek out to Hamilton on Saturday and sat on the edge of my chair with all the other fans hoping to catch a little wisdom.  This was my favorite moment. That little insight that was so personal and yet could apply to all of us.  Very candid and always eloquent, Oprah complimented Canadians on their kindness, asked to be made an honorary Canuck and shared some bittersweet insights from her challenging ‘butt-kicking’ (her words) experiences running a new network.  George Stroumboulopoulos was amazing in his Q and A, I hope she gives him a show, he really rocks.  I managed to capture some video snippets throughout, though I will apologize in advance as she is sooo tiny but the sound is good and it’s the words that count.  Please re-listen to the above clip and be sure to check out the rest.  There are a few clips here but all can be found on our You Tube channel here.

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