My Lips Love Coco Shine

Posted by Nads on February 28, 2013


I might have gone a little over board with the filters but it’s late and all the happy sparkles and shiny stars really reflect how I feel about this product.  I am a lipstick girl – you know some girls are mascara girls, some are perfect hair girls, and some are lipstick girls, like me.  I am super picky about my lipstick and tend to layer different combinations and brands.  The Coco Shine line from Chanel is my ultimate number one all time favorite.  Why?  This lipstick gives perfect coverage without going on too strong or thick.  It doesn’t taste of wax.  It is the perfect blend of sheen and shine with just the right amount of stain.  It’s not sticky!!!!  This is huge.  It has some shine in it like a gloss but doesn’t stick, or catch your hair in it.  It was an instant love affair.  Thank you awesome make-up guy at Holt’s, you rock.  And Coco Shine rocks.  It’s a little pricey but so worth it,  get one!