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Posted by Dani on November 12, 2016
I’ve always been particular about the quality of light in my home. I find the right light can transform a room.

I have dimmers and timers everywhere in my home, and I love to use light in surprising ways to cheer up corners of my home. I have a large hibiscus standard in a corner of my dining room filled with white Christmas lights that I use year round, as well as a LOVE marquee sign on the sideboard. Right outside the living room window is a large magnolia tree that is beautifully lit up. In my front hallway, I like to wash the art on the wall with light rather than using the brighter ceiling fixture. And my bedroom has a beautiful hammered silver and glass ceiling lamp my sister dragged back from Morocco that makes the room look beautiful but provides hopelessly inadequate light. So you can see I’m the kind of person who would rather get dressed in the dark than give up my gorgeous Moroccan lamp.

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And don’t get me started on the colour of light. I am extraordinarily picky when it comes to the colour. My poor husband exchanged countless strands of Christmas lights when we switched to LEDs because they were either too frosty blue or too dingy yellow for me. In fact, we’re trying again with a new batch this year. So when GE contacted me to try out their new GE reveal bulbs, designed to enhance the appearance of colours, I told them I was interested.

After all my attention to lighting this house, I thought I was in good shape. Umm….nope, definitely not. These bulbs made a huge difference. Everything looked fresher and brighter. The light just seemed more clean. I switched out the bulbs in all the areas of my home where light is important, and there was a noticeable difference each time. Here’s an example, side by side, from my dining room. These photos are NOT colour adjusted!

how the right bulb can affect the quality of light in your home via

Notice the dingy yellow tone on the left? And the brighter colours on the right? That’s the difference these bulbs make. This image was taken in a dark room, where the only light was from the gold table lamp you can see in the photo. Big, big improvement!

Here’s another side by side. It’s not easy to see in the photo, but there is a big difference in how my art looked with the new bulbs. There seems to be more clarity to the colours. The blue is more vivid, without the green tinge in the before picture. Again, this was taken in a dark room with only 1 bulb providing the light.

how the right bulb can affect the quality of light in your home via

All the other photos in this post show light from the GE reveal bulbs. And all of them were taken at night, lit only by the new bulbs. The biggest difference was that the light looks cleaner and the colours look brighter. No more dingy tones. And there are many areas of my home where this is super important. The top photo in this post is of my couch, aka blogging central. This is where I take my laptop and work during the day, and blog at night. This is also where I like to catch up on my reading, or cuddle up with my girls to watch our favourite shows. I spend many hours a day by this light!

Where else is lighting critical? My makeup mirror of course! Don’t need any extra dinginess there, right?

how the right bulb can affect the quality of light in your home via

I also changed the bulb in my daughter’s room, where she does her homework when she’s here. I could really see a difference in the blue on the wall and in the white of her bed linen.

how the right bulb can affect the quality of light in your home via

Another place I tried the bulbs is on a table where I work on a lot of my projects and DIYs, and the quality of the light is super important. Here’s an image of a paper quilling project that I’m working on (blog post coming up!). Notice how white the paper looks!

how the right bulb can affect the quality of light in your home via

Where else will I be using the GE reveal bulbs? In the kitchen for sure, where I’m sure the food will look more appetizing. Also in my bedside lamps, which I use for reading and for supplementing my beautiful but very impractical Moroccan ceiling fixture. And of course the family room, where we often all hang out together. In fact, now that I’ve seen the GE reveal bulbs at work, it will be hard to go back to regular bulbs.

Here’s what to look for in stores:

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Why don’t you pick up a pack and try a side by side for yourself?




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