Bloggers! You Need This App!

Posted by Dani on June 3, 2014

PinCo app for Pinterest
Pinterest lovers, you need it too. Planning a wedding? Get it now. Love mood and inspiration boards? Download it pronto.

Bloggers, need a post you can write in 5 minutes flat that also promotes your Pinterest boards ? Here ya go.

Looking for some collages of pretty pics? It’s all here.


I have only used it for 5 minutes and I am already addicted.

PInCo App for Pinterest Collages

And we just love to share tips and tricks here at Lifeovereasy. Yup, solutions-R-us.

It’s called PinCo, and you can get it from the Chrome App Store. Now there are some issues, like it acts a little temperamental when it grabs your pins. It seems all the pins don’t come up if you have a large board. Definitely a little finicky.

But on the plus side, it’s quick and easy to use, and I can see pinterest collages coming in handy. I threw these ones together in no time.

Here’s one showing some of our savoury recipes.

PinCo App for Pinterest Collages

And here’s one showing our sweet recipes (always my favourite!).

PinCo App for Pinterest Collages

This best one was a quickie I put together from a Pinterest search on the Italian soccer team, to get me in the mood for the World Cup. But I can’t really share it with you here because they are not my photos.

Instead, I suggest you have a look at some pics from my post on the Euro Cup, which gives you a few good reasons why you should become an Azzurri fan yourself. Hint: they involve Dolce & Gabbana suits and a shower shot. You should really check it out. Trust me.

You’ll have some fun with it, I promise. PinCo, not the shower shot.

Want to see some more of our Pinterest goodies? Check out our boards here.



2 Responses to “Bloggers! You Need This App!”

  1. Thanks Daniela! I definitely want to check out the (Italian soccer team) new Pin app, it looks great!

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