Turn Your Photographs into Stunning Trendy Artwork

Posted by Nads on June 6, 2014

1 16 X 20 canvas
1 or 2 sheets iron on transfer paper
acrylic paints
coloured wire
Helvetica number stencil
a couple of old photographs of buildings

Here is a little crafty project that was inspired by today’s Etsy Craft Party.

In our home, photographs are a big part of our everyday.  We are constantly armed with our iPhones or cameras, snapping inspiration at every turn.  On vacations we are always capturing a moment, a place, a pattern, a piece of a building or an element of design that strikes us and we are left with thousands (yup no joke) of folders of pics from all of our travels.

We are a little attached to our photography, we treasure and covet all of these moments.  It was one of the many things that brought my husband and I together, a love of looking at things and capturing a feeling or a moment of pure inspiration.  Many of our first dates and earliest memories were filled with simple walks with a camera and we have never lost our love for this pastime.

Needless to say, we couldn’t resist this Etsy craft party theme.  We dug up some photos of one of our first trips to NYC, one of our favourite destinations.  We looked at Etsy vendors like Susan Photo Art and Colors by Gretel and Pause Photography for some inspiration and then decided to take our photos to a new level of photography craftiness.

Here is our Etsy craft party piece with some simple instructions to make your own.  Ours was really easy to pull together, but at the heart of it was some inspiration from a picture and moment that was near to our hearts.  The rest was inspired by some supplies from our friends at Etsy and a little bit of creative liberty.  Try your hand at your own version, send us some of your ideas, or better send us some of your finished pieces.  Most importantly, have fun!


1. Take your canvas and use your acrylic paint to create your background.  Allow to dry.
2. Choose your photo(s) and print on your iron on transfer paper.
3. Iron on to the canvas.
4. Embellish with wire, markers, ink, gold transfer, wire, etc.

One Response to “Turn Your Photographs into Stunning Trendy Artwork”

  1. I love that photo! and it turned out so fabulously!! Great idea!!

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