Decorating With Paint

Posted by Dani on August 28, 2015

I’ve been a fan of white interiors for a long time now. Most of my home has been painted in the same shade of warm white since I first moved in. It’s simple and fresh, and creates a great backdrop for whatever furnishings, art, and accessories I’m into. But I’ve been thinking of changing things up, and there’s no easier way than with a bucket of paint.

I’ve worked with colour before, with varying degrees of success. One of my favourite decorating decisions was painting my bedroom ceiling in a shade of the lightest blue. It was something I tried years ago, and stuck with until just recently. It looked beautiful with my white trim, and I just loved waking up to ceiling that looked a little like the sky.

I’ve started to fall in love with some of the high-impact painted interiors that use colour in dramatic ways, especially in a predominantly white room. I like the idea of incorporating an accent wall to add a touch of personality to a space, and it feels like less of a commitment than painting an entire room. Of all the home paint jobs I’ve roped the hubby into, painting just one wall is probably the easiest!

I’ve been cruising the web and pulled together some of the looks that are inspiring me today. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll take the plunge and go for a dramatic look, but a girl can always dream a little!

I think my favourite is the “halfway look”, and it’s probably the easiest to execute. It’s like a fresh take on wainscoting. There’s just something about the simplicity that I love. Here are some great examples:

I really like the messy edge in this one, and it’s my kind of easy!

Here are two great examples of dramatic striped walls – both clean and messy.

Love how a few simple stripes on a white background create a unique look. Notice how the stripes are reflected in the carpet in the next room in a clever way.

What a sweet staircase! Next time we’re house hunting, I’ll be looking at homes with older features a little differently.  I’ve seen homes in Toronto that have a lot of character, and the right colours would really make those interiors pop!

Here’s a bold and unexpected way to add drama in a clean and simple space:

Sometimes, it’s just about adding a little fun!

Have any of you had to deal with a non-functional and unattractive fireplace? I had that in my first home and we went to the trouble of tearing it out. Here, a little sunny yellow paint turns a decorating challenge into a bright focal point. And look at the fun they have with the floor!

You can use these techniques in a children’s room, too. These painted mountains would be perfect for a young adventurer.

I love the way this chalkboard area is turned into a fun focal point with a little trim. This would be a simple DIY using just a little chalkboard paint and some wood strips.

What are your thoughts? Would you ever take the plunge and add a hit of colour to your walls?




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