DIY Chalkboard With My Latest Thrift Store Find

Posted by Dani on August 14, 2015

make this easy DIY chalkboard from a thrift store mirror via
Who doesn’t love a great thrift store score?

You all know that some of my favourite finds over the years have come from my local Value Village. Remember the dining hutch I turned into a record cabinet for my oldest? And the candleholders and bird bath I made during my recent glue-cool-things-together phase? And then, of course, sometimes I find something that’s perfect just the way it is, like these beautiful vintage bar glasses.

I love all of these things because they’re original. And you can’t beat the price. If you try a makeover and it doesn’t work, you’re only out a few bucks. I can live with that!

I’m lucky enough to have a Value Village nearby, and so I drop in from time to time to check it out. I’ve found some real keepers here, from vintage glass ornaments to a set of beautiful prints of the Roman Forum. And of course I buys many of my props for styling my food photos. My local Value Village has been very good to me over the years!

Thrifting is best when you go with an open mind. Like I did this week when I went looking for curtains I could make over for my daughter’s room, and came home with an ornate mirror instead. That’s the way it goes with thrifting.

The mirror became this DIY chalkboard project, which I think looks spectacular in my daughters curtainless room.

Make this DIY chalkboard from a thrift store mirror via

You can see from the photos that this mirror was someone else’s failed makeover project. It looks like someone has sprayed gold over bright pink, and it may even have been black at one time. No matter – one persons’ DIY fail is another person’s inspiration.

DIY chalkboard from a thrift store mirror via

I have been wanted to make a chalkboard for my daughter for some time that she could use to stay organized through the school year. I went for a sweet but slightly sophisticated look, buy spray painting the edges gold and rolling over the flat frame in a blush pink. I used some old Benjamin Moore Cloud White latex wall paint, which I tinted with some fuschia acrylic paint I had to a light pink colour. It had a bit of a bubble-gum tone, so I added a drop of yellow to make it more of a ballet-slipper colour. It’s hard to see in the photo, but the tone is lovely and a sweet match to the gold.

Making the chalkboard part was easy. I just primed the mirror with my favourite primer, the Bulls Eye 1-2-3, and then added 3 layers of chalkboard paint with a light sanding in between. I used Rust-Oleum black brush on paint, applied with a roller. Done and done!

DIY chalkboard from a thrift store mirror via

Before using the chalkboard you need to prime it. This basically involves rubbing a layer of chalk onto the board and then wiping it off with a dry or damp cloth. I used a dry cloth, because I wanted a dusty grey look. This helps fill the pores in the paint so that your can erase your chalk lines without leaving an outline.

One word of caution when using chalkboard paint, or any other kind of paint for that matter – FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. Assume those very smart paint engineers who write the instructions on the can know their stuff. Or else your brand new thrifted and repurposed chalkboard may bubble, peel, or worse. I’ve been there!

Here’s the final product. Sweet, non? I really like this little corner of her room. Now the really challenge is to deal with all the 17 year old junk that covers the other corners of the room. I think that’s a challenge that not even Value Village can help me with!

DIY chalkboard from a thrift store mirror via

And here are some other great finds from my Value Village thrifting day. Isn’t this a beautiful and unique set of Denby china?

Thrift store finds via

Love this large silverplate bowl – I’m already seeing the possibilities for Christmas and Thanksgiving!

Thrift store finds via

Here’s a silver plate footed candy dish and serving tray that could easily become your next favourite cake plate with a little glue.

Thrift store finds via

Thrift store finds via

And a little set of stainless bowls that would make a great candleholder:

Thrift store finds via

Thrift store finds via

A bright yellow enamel serving tray:

Thrift store finds via

A set of sweet sunflower drinking glasses to set on top:

Thrift store finds via

And a pretty blue candy dish:

Thrift store finds via

Some great news for you thrifting fans – Monday August 17 is my favourite holiday of the year – National Thrift Shop Day! So celebrate this special day by heading to your local Value Village and finding your next makeover project. Value Village is giving you a special treat by offering 50% off on this day!

Wait, did someone say National Thrift Shop Day is not a national holiday?

That’s not cool, Mr. Prime Minister! How are we supposed to get caught up on all our thrifting DIY projects? Not cool at all!

Celebrate National Thrift Shop Day by visiting my blogging friends who also hit up their local Value Villages to create some fab projects. You won’t want to miss what these talented ladies put together!

Melissa from The Sweet Escape
Virginia from Fynes Designs
Erin from DIY Passion
Lucy from Craftberry Bush

DIY chalkboard from a thrift store mirror via

Shop at Value Village on August 17, National Thrift Shop Day, for 50% off of all clothing, shoes, accessories and bed and bath items. And search #thriftshopday for lots of fun stuff!

This post was generously sponsored by Value Village. Follow Value Village on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

4 Responses to “DIY Chalkboard With My Latest Thrift Store Find”

  1. Beautiful chalkboard! Great vision to turn it into that!

  2. What a great score and you did a wonderful job making it over! What was the previous owner thinking though huh??

  3. Looooove Value Village, and all things thrifted! You did a wonderful job!

  4. It turned out beautifully! and can we talk about those lovely illustrations on the wall beside the mirror… so perfect for a stylish gals bedroom!

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