How To Throw the Perfect World Cup Celebration

Posted by Nads on June 28, 2014

world cup beers

We had some friends over for a dinner party last week and they brought us a lovely hostess gift, a big bag full of beer in honor of the World Cup.  In the midst of all the fussing to get dinner on the table, I thanked them and moved onto the business of eating and it wasn’t until the next day that I had a chance to ‘explore’ their bag of fun.

And that’s exactly what it was.  A big bag of international brews, king cans from all corners of the planet, representing almost all of the major teams in this tournament.  And with that, a new tradition has been born.

We are big soccer fans in this family.  A lot of Italian, with a sprinkling of German and touch of Columbian make every game a real nail biter.  We been gathered around our 65 inch screen TV for the last ten days, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day, and now we have a new way to add to the fun.

world cup beers

At the beginning of every match, we rifle through our bag o’ brews as I have christened it and pick out 1 or 2 from the countries playing.  It’s been a blast to taste and try all kinds of new flavors and brands, and we’ve discovered a couple of new favorites along the way.  I wonder if our friends had figured how thoughtful this gift really was, allowing us to ‘welcome’ every game and share a moment where we are all on the same side, just enjoying a drink.

Try this for your next World Cup gathering.  Just grab a couple of foreign beers from the playing countries and toast your way through the excitement.  Need some food to go with your brews?  Check out some appetizers I pulled together that will pair perfectly with the beer to round out your party:

Sausage and Ricotta Mini Pizza’s dressed with Honey and Pesto

Vietnamese Inspired Steak Taco Appetizers

Grilled Octopus Salad


world cup beers


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