This Is My Happy Place

Posted by Dani on June 27, 2014

This is my happy place
It’s far in the back. I can hardly hear what’s going on at the house.

We let this part of the yard stay au naturel. The hammock sits between giant pines for shade. There is a nest of hawks overhead, who have come back for the third year in a row. Obviously they like it back there, too.

Sometimes the dog comes out to visit me.

And thanks to the miracle of modern technology, I can occasionally text someone in the house to bring me a drink.

I bring a pillow, a blanket, a book. What else does one need?


This is my happy place. Where’s yours?

hammock - my happy place

2 Responses to “This Is My Happy Place”

  1. Thea says:

    I so chuckled when you said that sometimes you send a text to the house to bring you a drink! Now that’s “LifeOverEasy” Or is it “EasyLife”? You have your priorities in the right place!

  2. We have a deck we built at the back of our garden. When we moved into the house three years ago, it was the hottest day on record. We found the shadiest spot in the yard and put the Adirondack chairs under the tree. It became “the spot”. So last year, we built a deck and it’s the best spot in the yard. My happy place for sure!

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